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Funky Shark – Review

What is Funky Shark?

Funky Shark is a penny auction site. Well not  one of the many penny auction sites but The penny auction site. Funky Shark Penny Auction was recently voted “The most ingenious money maker ever” to hit the Internet…

Is Funky Shark scam ?

I think only time will tell. But from what i have seen, they seem to be legit business opportunity. The creator Scott Walker, is very famous for some other businesses The real office of Funky Shark is  located at:

Funky Shark LLC
121 Wisconsin Ave Ste 101
1 786-664-1644.

Should you join Funky Shark?

You should definitely join Funky Shark while it is still in pre-launch. This will give you some advantage to the people that join later on!

Here are some of the reasons that convinced me to join this opportunity:

1. Passive Income — everyone loves being able to make money for doing nothing. With Funky Shark, you can do just that. It amazes me how much they are going to be paying.

2. Automated — Once someone visits your Funky Shark website, they will be in the system. The Funky Shark system will sell to them. You won’t have to do anything.

3. Awesome Payplan — Funky Shark is paying fast starts, matching fast starts, residual, matching residual, bonuses, company pools, etc. The sky of the limit here.

4. Price Most People Can Afford — Funky Shark is only going to cost $14.95 monthly to be a fully-paid member. That is awesome! Most people can afford that, so we are expecting a lot of people to join over the coming months.

5. Optional $500 Commissions — You heard me right. Funky Shark is going to give ALL of us the option to be PART OWNER and make $500 commissions. Now THAT is a great incentive to me! Not only can I make fast start bonuses and monthly residual, I can also make $500 commissions as more and more founders join. Make sure you click on founder at the top of the member area once you sign up. There is a really great video there where the owner, Scott Wacker, explains exactly what people get as a founder. It’s actually being part owner of Funky Shark, which is likely to be a very good thing — more passive cash paid to founders on a regular basis, too.

6. Popular Product — Once you visit Funky Shark, you’ll see what I mean. This is something many are wanting to be a part of.

7. Trusted Admin — Funky Shark is run by Scott Wacker. Scott is one of the most trusted admins in the business today. He always pays, and he always pays on time. I have made thousands in Scott’s businesses. He is always dependable.

8. Global — No matter where you live, you can join Funky Shark and make money daily.

9. Spillover — Not only will you be able to earn passively with the company money pools, you will also be able to get spillover from those above and spillunder from those below you. Spillover always helps in creating an income with any business, so this is a great plus.

Funky Shark will be a multi-million success!!!


Join Funky Shark NOW !

Payment processors


Payment processors REVIEW !!!


Purpose: Credit card, bank and check/cheque online payments management system to receive and send money through the web.

Probably the most secure way to pay over the internet. They have very strong policy and great buyer protection. In my personal experience to date (more than 6 years now) with Paypal has been 100% satisfactory. I have never had a bad experience with PayPal, or heard any of my friends to complain about it. They choose the companies to work with very carefully, that’s why you won’t see PayPal accepted just anywhere. Their policy allows you to file a dispute with the seller if you are not satisfied or have not received what you paid for.

The Greatest payment processor of them all !!!



Payza (formerly known as AlertPay) fully launched May 14, 2012. As some of you may know, AlertPay has had a lot of recent issues with banking, and credit card processing. The move appears to be a success, and all accounts/balances were not lost. There are a few changes that users should be aware of, for example they no longer allow you to use exchangers. While it appears not a lot has changed, I am confident the site will deliver on their promise to make major improvements. I have been in AlertPay since 2009 and have had mostly positive experience, apart their problems with credit cards. They also offer the option to file a dispute with the seller/provider if you have had some bad experience.

Great overall service. Highly recommended !!!


EgoPay was created as Payza Alternative Payment Processor for HYIP.
Many are even claiming it was created by Payza, though neither company makes this claim.  I can guarantee you if Payza launched a new company, every member would know about it, but they did not.  EgoPay claims to be registered in Belize, but the domain was registered by a private firm in Arizona, where as with Payza, they claim to be in the UK which is also where their Domain is registered.  EgoPay also does not allow you to transfer to your bank account, they require you to transfer the money from/to your Payza account. Of course there are quite some fees for that transfers:

From Payza -> Egopay: 0.59 + 3.9%

From Egopay -> Payza: 0.00 + 2%

Wow that is what i call a midday robbery.

This whole EgoPay thing smells of the same scent as the Illegal Investement Programs that are supporting it.

As with all marketing and especially when using your money, due diligence is necessary, if the scam investment site you are using does not take your money, the scam payment processor that supports them likely will.

As an Editorial Note, I am very thankful to see Payza’s change into being more in line with federal regulations as far as which companies they support, and making it more difficult for people to use the kind of illegal garbage sites that it no longer supports will with any luck put a slow down to these scamsters and prevent them from stealing more people’s money.

Solid Trust Pay

Solid Trust Pay has rather dull design, but despite that and the recent problems they were having they are still a good option to use when you have to send/receive money.

I have had number of problems with using them, but all of them were resolved in a timely manner.

The other important thing to mention is that they have no refund policy… once you send your money you cannot file a dispute to get them back.

I would rank that payment processor as GOOD!

Liberty reserve

About Liberty Reserve

is a and online payment system with similarity to , , , E-Bullion and other E-Currency services. You can send or receive money to or from anyone in the world and unlike Paypal, Liberty Reserve payments are 100% irrevocable, meaning once a payment is sent there is no repudiation policy.

Contrary information sources such as Wikipedia and, Liberty Reserve is incorporated in , not Panama. Their servers are operating in Holland, which is good for a digital currency to have their servers operating outside of the United States. It is unclear where Liberty Reserve’s actual offices of operation are located which is a definite negative for any company wishing to process large business to business transactions. It is also unclear if they hold any licenses to conduct transactions with US citizens or if that is necessary for a Costa Rican based corporation.

The design of the website seems very user unfriendly to me. There are tons of security measures that make the use of the site hard for the average user. For example you have to log-in with user ID such as “U1111111″ which is rather hard to remember. There is a log-in pin, master key and tons of other “small passwords ” apart from the log-in password.

Funding a Liberty Reserve Account

As with many digital currencies, Liberty Reserve does not accept direct transactions to and from their system. Accounts are funded or cashed out using an exchanger, and quite a few reputable exchangers accept exchanges of Liberty Reserve. Additionaly, the exchange rates for Liberty Reserve are currently much more feasable than other e-currencies such as Pecunix. This fact makes Liberty Reserve seem to be a viable option for smaller webmasters who are primarily selling advertising or service on their websites.

My Opinions on Liberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve claims to be protected by an offshore trust, and claims at all times to be backed 100% by US dollars for LR-USD accounts, and by gold for LR-gold accounts. However, there is no information provided regarding contact details for the offshore trust, and there is no information regarding the amounts of gold bullion or where the bullion is stored such as is available in plain view on E-Gold’s website. The fact that Liberty Reserve claims to be “backed by gold” but does not provide an examiner and/or summary results such as other digital gold currencies (DCG’s) will cause a significant lack of credibility amongst those wishing to store digital gold with them. The fact Liberty Reserve hides it’s physical office address, does not publish their business contact details and has domain registration privacy on their whois information is another reason to make me wary of utilizing them as a payment option for anything other than small transactions when there is no other option.

The fact that Liberty Reserve, like Solid Trust Pay, has a non-repudiation policy and transactions are 100% irrevocable, I don’t see many brick and mortar merchants selling hard goods using the system because quite honestly, I don’t think many people are going to pay for a $4000 Plasma TV or a $600 iPhone with Liberty Reserve funds.

My grading for this payment processor is: Poor (avoid to use)



ProftitClicking (PC) Review – The good old Just Been Paid (JBP) with new attractive design !

Many of you probably already know Just Been Paid (JBP) and its programs Synergy Surf (JSS) and Tripler. Probably the most profitable website over the internet in the history.

Profitclicking Banner

What is ProfitClicking?

ProfitClicking is an established online company with a history back to 2004. Recently they acquired JustBeenPaid and adopted their business model as well as the patents  protecting it (Profit Clicking operates under US patent no. 6,578,070). What they also did was redesign the program and give it a new improved look, add some new features and voila there you have it – the best earning platform currently available for the masses.

How to earn with ProfitClicking?

Earning with Profitclicking is as simple as that. You have at least 3 ways to earn

1. Advertising Packages (AD PACKAGES)

You purchase AD pack for $10 and receive 1000 credits that you may use to promote your business as well as the opportunity to receive $15 over 81 day period. You will receive 2% commission of every AD pack (1.5% during weekends), $0.2/$0.15 per AD pack respectively.
Example: If you have 100 AD packs -> you will earn $2 weekdays and $1.5 weekends
YES you earn even during your holiday ;)

Ad Package Referral Program: By promoting your links and getting referrals, you can earn 10% commission on Level 1 and 5% commission on Level 2 for their Advertising Package purchases.

2. Matrix Advertising Packages – (MP/PC PANELS)

The Matrix Package program is basically an indefinitely sustainable Traffic Exchange Program that triples your money. MP is a “2×2 matrix”.

You buy a Matrix Package for $20 and then simply refer others who each buy a $20 Package. Each referral helps fill your matrix, earning you a $60 rebate. Every 1st and 3rd package belonging to each of your referrals is used to fill your own matrices (“3rd” is a variable parameter which can be changed from time to time). This is a fast way to fill your matrix but requires you to be an active referrer. Your participation in the Advertising Package Program will also help you to complete your matrices. Optionally you may purchase placements and then upgrade them to enable faster completion. Although this will cost you money you still can take profit from that strategy.

MP Referral Program: By promoting your links and getting referrals, you will fill your matrices faster and receive the $60 rebate. You also receive $5 commission per matrix completed by your Level 1 referrals, and $2.5 commission per matrix completed by your Level 2 referrals.

3. Refferals

As explained above you will receive various types of benefits for promoting the program. At first 10% commission may not seem much, but I assure you once your referrals start compounding their AD packs you will be enjoying huge profits. Some of the top earners in JustBeenPaid were people that didn’t invest large amount of money but rather used their time to promote the program and so far have earned 6 figure profits from commissions.

You also earn commissions on Level 2 and Level 3 membership upgrades of your referrals

PC sells Advertising Packages, Matrix Packages and success training packages to members. PC itself has four main parts, each with a product:

PC0 – Product: Upgrade Your Brain
Cost: Free

PC1 – Product: The Big Success Breakthrough
Cost: $15 every three months, no-commission.

PC2 – Product: Killer Success Tricks 1-7 Cost: $57 every three months and pays a commission of $28.50 per sale*.

PC3 – Product: Killer Success Tricks 8- Cost: $117 every three months and pays a commission of $58.50 per sale*.

You receive a commission each time one of your referrals upgrades or renews. These earnings are automatically credited to your Matrix Package account.

*In order to receive membership commissions, you yourself must be upgraded to Level 2 or Level 3

What makes ProfitClicking UNIQUE ?

The answer is simple – The RESTART feature! This is what actually makes the system indefinitely sustainable. Many people don’t really understand the restart, and think of it as a bad thing since it takes 10-50% of their AD packs away. They don’t realize that they will actually make more money as a result of the restart.

What actually happens during a restart is that some of your (Advertising Packages) are taken away and converted to assets (PC Panels). Restart will also take a percentage Ad Packages, and expire them prematurely to stop paying the 2% and 1.5% payments daily, then it converts the Advertising Packages into PC Panel. Your daily earnings will be reduced by the Restart, yet in the long run you will earn more from your PC Panels rather than what you would earn from your expired Advertising Packages.

Why does a restart take place?

To keep the program running and to ensure its continuing success.

This feature of the system is particularly patented by the program. There are many factors that can cause a restart to. I can only guess what they are. But i have “survived” 3(three) restarts already, that happened in ~ 100 days (3 months) difference. They were with different magnitude from 25-75%, but that depends on the number of AD Packages you posses, how new you are to the program (newer accounts are not  affected by the restart). I can assure you it is annoying to be brought back from $100/daily to $25/daily  but as long as the programs keeps on going and pays ( even more in the long run ), why should I/You be unhappy?

Does ProfitClicking pay ?

Well we can not know for sure until the program starts officially, but my experience with JBP was terrific. I enjoyed regular payments, and rarely if ever had any problems with them. Here i am posting some proofs of JBP payments (there are tons more over the i-net). Will post ProfitClicking proof as soon as i get one.

My Payments from JBP – Proof 1, Proof 2, Proof 3 !

Profitclicking Banner

Join ProfitClicking now !!!

tool for webmasters

BannersBroker - Review


BannersBroker Review – The Ultimate business model !!!

What is BannersBroker?

Banners Broker is an innovative online advertising and publishing company that launched in October of 2010 by Chris Smith. Banners Broker helps both advertisers and publishers capitalize on the power of the web from their extensive online advertising network with large scope and targeted reach.

How BannersBroker works?

There are 6 Packages in total, and you may start at any Package Level you wish. You can choose and purchase the package that suits you most and you have 30 days to upgrade to higher level package, if you have changed your mind,by just paying the difference.

Choose your “Destiny” (Your Package Level)

BannersBroker packages

When you purchase a package you receive panels from different color.
For example if you purchase a Black Pack you will receive Black, Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow panels.

Panels are advertising inventory.  They come in 5 different colors and values.  Lower value panels complete or ‘cap’ faster than higher value panels.

Yellow panel costs $10       -> brings you $20
Purple panel costs $30      -> brings you $60
Blue panel costs $90          -> brings you $180
Green panel costs $270     -> brings you $540
Red panel costs $810         -> brings you $1620
Black panel costs $2430   -> brings you $4860

Panels take anywhere from 3 weeks to 7 months to cap depending on their value.

Here is the progress of one of my yellow panels in just 1 dayBannersBroker yellow panel

You have 2 options when a panel reaches its ‘cap’

1 -> Take 50% of the profit and re-purchase a new panel of the same color
2-> Use 100% of the profit to re-purchase 2 new panels of the same color

My brother, who is a bit younger and impatient complains a lot about not having the
option to take 100% of the profit. Probably many of you will feel the same way, but let me
explain it how i see it my way. This means if you take the 50% profit you will be able to earn again from this panel another 50%, and this goes on and on. In my experience you won’t even notice how fast your yellow panels will complete, bringing you 10$ again and again (you can take a look at my progress on the bottom of the page.

You can purchase additional panels to your starting package, but there is something that you need to know. You have to qualify those panels with traffic in order to earn. This is how things work in internet advertising. You need impressions on your advertising, whether it will be a banner a text add or something else. Impressions equal traffic brought to your advertising space. You have several options:

1. Purchase a Traffic Pack (50$ for 100 000  impressions) renews monthly (you have to spend 50$ each month for traffic pack.

2. Refer people to BannersBroker. You receive half of the traffic needed to qualify a panel. For example your down line buys and qualifies a yellow panel -> you receive 2500 impressions (5000 are needed to qualify yellow panel)

To qualify panels of different colors you need 5000 (yellow), 15000 (purple), 45000 (blue) … and so on x3 for the larger panels

The system is quite simple, although many people find it a bit complicated. There are many particular things that may be not quite clear for some of you. So you can start with reading the official Banners Broker fast start guide here !!!

Earning with BannersBroker!

There is a video that is following the progress of Steve Dawson over a 6 months period so far. Although i cannot guarantee you will earn that much for the same period, watching the videos may help you understand better the system of BannersBroker. You may also notice how the website improves over time.

You can watch the videos HERE !

My progress so far for 3 months with ~700$ invested
BannersBroke progress

Proof of my first payment of 100$ can be found HERE !!!

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the program.

Are you ready to join my BannersBroker TEAM? You can do so here !!!
Join me and i will help you achieve even greater results than me.

Join BannersBroker today and start earning!!!

Gangnam Style


About  Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style (강남 스타일) is a 2012 dance pop single written and performed by Korean pop singer Park Jae Sung, better known by his stage name PSY. Since the release of the song and its highly entertaining music video in mid-July 2012, the video has gained more than 8 million views in the span of two weeks and spawned numerous parodies and copycat dance videos on YouTube.


The song “Gangnam Style” was written and recorded as the title single of the sixth studio album PSY 6 (Six Rules), Part 1 by Korean singer PSY, who is best known for his quick-witted sense of humor and comical dance moves. The song was released on July 15th, 2012, along with the music video which made its online debut via PSY’s official YouTube channel on the same day.

Upon its release, the song took off on virtually all Korean billboard charts, portal search sites and online music stores, but it began garnering international attention after the video went viral on YouTube during the third week of July 2012. The mass appeal of the music video has been attributed to its signature dance move known as “the horse-riding dance,” which combines the stylistic elements of shuffle dancing and hand movements resembling the posture of a horseback rider. The dance was previously introduced through the debut single of another Korean K-pop girl group Girl’s Day in 2010.


PSY Doing the “Horse Riding Dance” in “Gangnam Style” M



“Gangnam Style” is a Korean neologism mainly associated with upscale fashion and lavish lifestyle associated with trendsetters in Seoul’s Gangnam district (강남), which is considered the most affluent part of the metropolitan area. In colloquial usage, it is comparable to the English slang terms “swag” or “yolo”.



Spin-off Music Video

On August 14th, PSY released a spin-off version of the song and the music video starring Hyun-A, a member of the K-POP group 4Minute who appeared in the original music video as PSY’s muse in the subway. Titled “Oppa Is Just My Style,” the music video sets itself apart by putting the female pop singer on the center stage and removing the original chorus “Gangnam Style” altogether.

Celebrity Endorsements

Between late July and early August, the song picked up numerous endorsements from high-profile celebrities and musicians on Twitter, including British pop singer Count Robbie Williams[15], American rapper T-Pain and American singer Josh Groban. Weeks later in mid-August, Korean and U.S. news outlets reported on a rumor that Justin Bieber has also shown interest in PSY’s work and a potential between the two singers was in progress.



Dozens of music video parodies have been created in tribute to PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” ranging from regional Korean parodies like “Daegu Style” and “Hongdae Style” to lip-synched tributes created by K-POP music fans in Singapore, the United States and elsewhere overseas.
Here is only one of the many examples:


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Gangham(gangsta) style

Pavel Parushev
skype: deathwingbg

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